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Books published by Janet Adams

Janet and I are both part of the Women’s Inspire Network, so when she wanted to publish her own Gratitude Journal, she knew me already.

After a call on Zoom, we clarified what type of journal it was to be and what kind of theme it would include. I find that the more specific the instructions are, the easier it is to create the book!

I had the first draft ready on 3 days, and in around 2 weeks the book and book cover were ready to be uploaded to Amazon.


Books published by The Bio Energy Academy of Dublin

I trained as a Bio Energy Therapist under the Bio Energy Academy of Dublin.

During the course, we were given a notebook to be used as a gratitude journal, with the aim of us all developing the gratitude habit.

As I moved towards writing journals and planners for others, I was asked to create this set of books for the academy. The goal was to enable the organisation to be able to offer professionally written books as part of the course, as well as raising awareness of the organisation itself.

The Academy is able to order their own branded books direct from Amazon, at their printing cost prices. This is significantly less than the unbranded notebooks we were given! So for the Academy, it was a win-win.

Bio Energy Academy of Dublin Journal
Bio Energy Academy of Dublin Gratitude Journal
Bio Energy Academy of Dublin Notebook

Books published by Bernie Curd

I met Bernie at a coffee morning, where I’d volunteered to help with a book for charity.

We got chatting and I asked Bernie if she’d ever thought about writing a book, and bing, a light bulb goes off. This was something that she had been manifesting and there I was, a person to help!

We met at the local coffee shop, and spent a couple of hours getting really clear on the content. Bernie wanted something like my goal setting book, but at the same time, uniquely hers.

We brainstormed ideas and came up with a list of things that she wanted to include. These included a vision board section, sections for journaling that included space for gratitude and  things that she used in her own goals setting course. I formatted the book, setting up the journal pages, adding the quotes and formatting the images. All the images were her own and this made the book much more unique.

After sending her preview/review copies out to friends and clients, we updated it and then published the updated version. It went live a week before Easter, our original goal.

When we uploaded the Breathe and Bloom book at her treatment room, we also created and uploaded her notebook.

You can check out Bernie’s amazon page here.

Books published by Mary Kara

Mary Kara Mindful Gratitude Journal

I met Mary at an event on 5th January, 2020 and by 30th January, Mary’s book was published on Amazon!

It sounds crazy but at the event we had stands next to each other and got chatting. Originally, Mary wanted to create a book that was part planner, part mindful eating tracker, but then also wanted a couple of journals to be able to give to her clients. As it would be a quick win, we started off with a gratitude journal.

I provided Mary with a template for her book, helped by adding the quotes and then set up her KDP Amazon account. Once it was set up, I uploaded up book, then signed out so that she could have the pleasure of clicking on the [Publish your book] button.

This book now has a 5-star rating on Amazon.


Books published by Faye Hayden

Faye and I met at the school gates, as our kids were in the same class. 

When she posted that she’d like to set up a blog, I helped her do it, and soon realised that she’d been writing for a while, just not published anything. In addition, she had written so much that she could easily fill a book. So that’s what she did!

I helped with formatting the book and getting it ready for publishing both as a book and as a Kindle ebook.

This book is currently 5-star rated and the reviews have been very positive including this one:

What a fantastic insight into everyday life with it’s ups, downs, bumps and bends . It made me laugh, it made me cry , it made me mad, it made me glad . It is a refreshingly honest account of the life of a mum …..from the mundane everyday things like tackling the laundry pile to super mum stuff like tackling health and services for support for her family!
A great read!


Books published by Karen Brown

Books published by Daniel and Karen Brown

Daniel is my son, and we worked togather to create this range of animal-themed notebooks.

We intend on using them as part of our home-school. Much more fun than some of the notebooks used for school work…