About Me

How I Got Started

It may sound crazy, but this idea and this website came out of one act of kindness.

Let me explain.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she wanted to set up her own blog and was asking for help. We knew each other becuase our kids were in the same class, but since my son left, I hadn’t see her in ages. But I knew how to do this, so I offered to help, and in one afternnon we set up a website and blog with hosting and a new domain name. That day FayeHayden.life was born.

But when we were chatting, I became apparent that Faye had an awful lot of writing in the pipeline and I mentioned that my first book began as a series of blog posts.

Lightbulbs went off, and an idea that had been percolating came out. This is something she’d been thinking of, and she even had a name for her book.

Within 6 weeks, that book was published, and a dream came true for Faye. She was now a published author.

And when she had a book launch in our local book shop, loads of people turned up for her.

Maya Angelou said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

And from there, things snowballed.

My Mission

It may sounds nuts, but my mission is to make you cry!


Because that’s the reaction every one of my authors had when they had their first book in their hands. It’s truly emotional when something that you’re dreamed of, that seemed such an unlikely dream, comes true.

The tears that come are tears of joy. Of the impossible made possible.

And that’s why I want to make you cry.

Because if your dream is to publish your own book, then I’m here to make that dream come true.


My Programs

I love helping people become authors, but like everyone else, my time is limited. So I’ve devised 3 ways in which I can help you achieve your dream.

Downloadable templates

The hardest part for many authors is getting started.

With my ready-made templates, you have the structure of the book in the size that you’re going to publish. It’s then up to you to add the content.

I’ve started creating a library of templates covering everything from basic novels and notebooks to recipe books and everything in between.

Bespoke templates

I’m a Microsoft office specialist expert and know Word inside and out.

If you’re looking to create a book that needs more complex formatting then give me a shout.

And if you want to check out my work, then my Positivity and Goal Setting Planner are great places to start.


As a Coach, I have a range of tools that I can use to help you achieve your goal of writing a book.

Because when a dream becomes a goal, then your mindset changes and you’re set to take action.

If you think that you would benefit from some clarity, support and accountability, then let’s talk. You can schedule a call with me.

Let’s talk

Not every person I help is a client, so if you’d like a no-obligation chat, then you can schedule a call with me, using bit.ly/coffee-with-Karen.

I can help direct you to resources that you may find useful, and if you want to work with me, then we can work out the way that suits us both.